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With which document can I fly?

For foreigners, stateless persons and refugees:

  • National passport
  • ID document for stateless persons
  • Russian residence permit
  • Certificate of Return to the CIS countries (consular offices of the CIS countries in the Russian Federation must issue certificates of return to CIS countries to citizens who have lost the relevant documents; these certificates are only valid for returning to the country of citizenship or permanent residence)

A document that replaces a passport:

  • A Russian Federation Council and State Duma deputy card of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (during the term of the deputy's powers)
  • An identity card for military personnel of the Russian Federation (for officers, warrant officers and midshipmen)
  • Temporary ID card issued by the OVD in case of loss or replacement of the passport (certificate of form 9 issued by the OVD only for RF citizens for travelling within the RF only)
  • Certificate of release from places of deprivation of liberty (for persons released from places of deprivation of liberty)
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