Our fleet

Red Wings currently operates a fleet of 14 Airbus aircrafts, 7 Sukhoi SuperJet (SSJ 100) and 3 Boeing 777 aircrafts. All aircrafts meet high technical requirements and international safety standards.

Sukhoi SSJ 100

Sukhoi SSJ 100











Our aircrafts are designed in economy class mono layout. Passengers' comfort on board is ensured by spacious cabins, wide seat pitch and spacious hand luggage racks.

Each Red Wings aircraft undergoes thorough pre-flight preparation, which is carried out by both technical staff and pilots. Specialists check all aircraft systems, determine the aircraft's fuel level, weather preparedness, as well as conduct an external inspection that complies with all federal safety regulations. By boarding Red Wings, passengers can be assured that their aircraft is fully operational and ready to fly.

A new image and loyalty to tradition

In April 2019, as part of the rebranding exercise, the airline's fleet welcomed its first aircraft with a new livery.

Distinctive features of the new colouring (livery) of the aircraft in Red Wings Airlines:

  • The dominant white colour, symbolising the principle of openness, represents one of the airline's key values
  • Grey with a metallic effect reflects the high-tech spirit that Red Wings employees deal with on a daily basis in their work
  • Red is the main colour of the airline, which has been called Red Wings since 2007
  • It is the colour that conveys the dynamics of development and the constant striving for self-improvement. The big Red Wings symbol is two overlapping wings that form the Latin letter «W». How else could it be, if «wings» is translated from English as «wings»?
  • A characteristic feature of the new livery is the contrasting outline of the cockpit window or the so-called «glasses»

Looking at Red Wings aircraft from an airport window you will easily recognise it by its red wings and bright fuselage logo. We invite you to a comfortable and safe flight.

See you on board!