In order to receive compensation for delayed flights or luggage problems you must submit an official claim to the airline. In addition, you will need documents that confirm the damage: receipts, bills, boarding passes.

Requirements for making the claim:

  • Write it on paper by hand or type it on a computer
  • Give your personal signature
  • Give the address where the answer with the result of the check should be sent; it can be e-mail or postal address
  • Provide the bank details to which the payment is to be transferred

Mailing address for claims

The company only accepts claims by post, without personal or courier delivery.
Mailing address: 119415, Moscow, Prospekt Vernadskogo 41, Bldg 1, Room I, Office 25

When the claim is received, the staff will investigate it and send an answer by e-mail or by paper, depending on what the claimant has specified in the claim.

Claim form

Original supporting documents must be enclosed to the claim

In case of lost luggage:

  • Airline ticket   (itinerary receipt)
  • Boarding pass
  • Luggage tag tear-off coupon
  • Luggage tracing report
  • In case of a declaration of luggage value - supporting documents
  • Bank account details for receiving compensation
Claims for lost luggage can be submitted after 21 days of lost luggage search.

In case of damaged luggage:

  • Airline ticket  (itinerary receipt)
  • Boarding pass
  • Luggage tag tear-off coupon
  • Damaged luggage report
  • Photo of damaged luggage
  • Receipt or information letter from a repair company confirming the cost of repairing the damaged luggage or a document confirming that repairs are impossible
  • Receipt or information letter on the value of the suitcases that are as similar as possible, or a sales receipt for the purchase
  • Bank account details to transfer the compensation.

In case of flight delay:

  • Airline ticket with an airport stamp about the flight delay
  • Bank account details for receiving compensation

Bank details for receiving compensation
To receive your refund, please let us know your bank account details. You can download a form to provide us with your bank details here.