The Rules of Carriage of Passengers on Red Wings flights are made in accordance with Article 102 of the Russian Federation Constitution, on the basis of Russian and international legal documents in the field of air carriage.

The passenger has the right:

  • Contact crew members and other passengers in the event of an unsafe situation
  • To use any services and rights stipulated by the contract of transportation by air
  • If necessary, assist other passengers and take part in preparation for an emergency landing

The passenger is obliged:

  • Comply with requests and recommendations of the aircraft captain and crew members
  • Observe the generally accepted rules of conduct in public places
  • Place hand luggage and personal items in specially designated places indicated by a flight attendant
  • When the 'Fasten Your Seatbelts' panel is on, obey the command and do not unbuckle your seatbelts until instructed by the flight attendant

Passenger is not allowed:

  • Create (provoke) situations threatening flight safety and life (health) of passengers and crew
  • Smoke on board the aircraft, use rescue equipment without the crew's permission
  • Be disrespectful and rude to crew members and passengers
  • Operate electronic devices during taxiing, take-off and landing

Please pay your attention:

Information for passengers with children, animals, and for passengers with disabilities on the possibility and procedure of providing services at the airport as stipulated in the Ministry of Transport of Russia Order No. 24 of 15.02.2016 can be obtained at airports of arrival/departure of the airline, at the information desk of the airport terminal or find this information on the official website of the airport of arrival/departure.

Please note that there are restrictions on flights.
Check these  conditions

Please note that the conditions and ration of meals on charter flights are determined by the customer of the flight (tour operator). Please check this information with tour operators.

Conditions of air transportation of passengers, luggage and cargo by Red Wings JSC

Red Wings JSC Air Cargo and Baggage Carriage Agreement