We can provide certificates of flight confirmation, ticket prices, flight delays and cancellations, if required. Before ordering certificates, we recommend that you carefully read the rules of the service.

Order a certificate

How long does it take to prepare the certificate?

Two types of certificates are available:

  • Urgent, takes 10 working days
  • Non urgent, takes 20 working days

If the passenger asks for the original certificate by post, the delivery time is added to the time of preparation.

The price depends on the urgency of the service.Rates are described below.

How and where the certificate is delivered

The passenger receives a scan of the certificate by e-mail. If the original is required, the company sends the certificate via Russian Post to the address specified in the application.

If the passenger has not provided a mailing address in the application, only a scan of the certificate will be sent.

Check the details carefully

We will draw up certificates according to the details in your application. If you accidentally make a mistake, it will be saved on the certificate. To make a correction, you will need to complete and pay for the application again.

Types of certificates

You can get the following certificates from our company:

Cost of the certificate per passenger

The cost depends on the type of certificate, period of validity and its format.

Certificate type Scan Original
About flight confirmation 900 ₽ 1 200 ₽
About flight price 900 ₽ 1 200 ₽
Certificate of airline flight delay or cancellation 50 ₽ 600 ₽
Certificate of air transportation cost calculation within the territory of the Russian Federation
In case of international transportation, cost of the itinerary indicated in the itinerary receipt
1 200 ₽ 1 500 ₽
Certificate of cost calculation within the territory of the Russian Federation
In the case of international transportation, when the cost of the itinerary is not indicated in the itinerary receipt but the ticket is issued as part of a tour package. You need a certificate from the tour operator
1 200 ₽ 1 500 ₽
Certificate of the total orthodromic length of the route 900 ₽ 1 200 ₽

Data that we do not provide:

  • Cost of carriage with a ticket issued by another airline
  • Fare for transportation between places not shown on ticket
  • Cost of carriage as a part of a tour package; such information is provided by tour operator
  • Reasons of flight delay
  • Requests for personal data about the third parties

Free certificates

In some cases the airline will issue the certificates free of charge. Requests for such certificates are accepted from:

  • Federal legislative or executive authorities
  • Legislative and executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation and local self — government bodies
  • Courts for handling court cases
  • Lawyers for legal assistance
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