How to buy a ticket

Buying a ticket online usually takes no more than fifteen minutes. It takes a few steps from choosing a flight to paying.

  • Choose a flight and a fare. For the same flight, you will be offered two or three fare options.They differ in terms of the services included, luggage allowance and refund options.
  • Choose additional services: cabin seats, luggage allowance. This will make your flight more comfortable: you can choose your own comfortable seats on board or add more luggage, even if your ticket only includes hand luggage.
  • Fill-in passenger information. Email address, phone number, full name and ID number for which the ticket is being issued will be required.
  • Pay by your bankcard. You will have 30 minutes to pay, during which time no one else will be able to buy your tickets.
Please check your information carefully

Before paying, make sure that everything is filled in correctly:

  • Day and time of departure
  • Passenger`s information and document numbers
  • Email and telephone number

The ticket is booked before payment is made so that no one can redeem it while you are choosing your seat or adding luggage. That is why some mistakes are technically impossible to correct. If you notice that you have misspelled your name or selected the wrong flight, you will need to make a new booking.

All booked flights can be checked by the shopping basket icon in the top right corner.

After payment you will receive an e-mail with booking details, payment confirmation and itinerary receipt.

Payment methods on website

You can pay for your ticket as an individual or a company. For private individuals you can pay by a card and for companies by corporate bank card or invoice transfer.

Check your booking

To check your booking, go to «My bookings». There you will find all the tickets you have booked; their payment status and you can check the date and time of departure to make sure you will not miss your flight.