Luggage rules

Conditions for free baggage allowance on Red Wings flights depend on the fare available on your ticket:

Light / Economy Standard
Luggage is not included, it can be paid for additionally. One item (bag, suitcase, backpack) up to 20 kg is included.
The total of three dimensions must not exceed 158 cm.
If you purchased your ticket before November 17, 2022, the rules indicated on your ticket appl.y

When checking in your luggage, you must present all your luggage for weighing. When checking-in or boarding, you must present your hand luggage, backpack, pram or baby carriage to be weighed upon request of the carrier.

We do not recommend you to pack fragile and perishable items, bank notes, jewellery, precious metals, valuable papers, business documents, keys and other valuable or fragile items in your luggage.

On flights where Red Wings is a marketing partner, the luggage rules of the airline operator apply.

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