Transportation of animals

On chartered and scheduled flights Red Wings Airline can carry pets in the cabin of an aircraft with a total weight not exceeding 8 kgs in a container which dimensions should not exceed 115 cm in total of three parameters (the height of container/cage should not exceed 20 cm). The animal may only be transported in a carrier bag or air-accessible container. The pet must be able to stand up to its full height. During the flight, the container or bag must not be opened and the pet must not be taken out.

Containers (cages) must meet the following requirements:

  • Rigid frame (soft carry on is not permitted!) with air access
  • A strong lock
  • The size of the container should be sufficient for the pet to stand upright and turn around
  • The bottom of the container (cage) must be waterproof and covered with absorbent material
  • There should be a rim around the bottom to prevent the absorbent material from spilling out
  • Cages must be covered with a lightproof cloth

Please note that the following cage/carry requirements apply for animals travelling in the hold from Pulkovo Airport, St. Petersburg. Please check them when planning your flight.

The following pets can be carried as luggage and hand luggage on Red Wings aircraft: dogs, cats and birds. Any other animals are not accepted for carriage in luggage and hand luggage and can be transported as cargo.

When transporting pets in the cabin, passengers are assigned seats in the last five rows of the aircraft.

The passenger is obliged to inform the airline or the authorized agent about the carriage of the animal at the time of booking the carriage or purchasing the passenger ticket no later than 48 hours before the start of the transportation. Carriage of a pet / bird is possible only by an adult passenger (not more than 1 container/cage per passenger). The airline has the right to refuse the carriage of the passenger with an animal if the carriage of the animal has not been booked and confirmed by the airline, this is necessary to ensure the safety of the flight or to prevent damage to the property of the airline or the passengers.

There is an additional charge for the service.

The air temperature in the luggage and cargo compartments of some aircraft may drop to 0 degrees Celsius, the air content and pressure correspond to normal values; the animal is in the open air during transportation through the airport area, as well as during waiting for loading into the aircraft and during unloading from the aircraft. Carriage of living animals as checked luggage is subject to the passenger's written consent o transport a live animal/bird in the designated conditions.

Red Wings does not carry brachycephalic animals as checked luggage.

Make sure that you can provide all the necessary documents required by the legislation of the Russian Federation, international treaties and the legislation of the country to, from or through the territory of which the transport is to take place

We recommend that you consult the embassy or consulate of the country of departure and the country of arrival to clarify the rules for the export and import of animals and birds.

The requirements of the Russian Federation regarding the transportation of animals can be found on the websites of the Department of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance, the Rosselkhoznadzor Department for Moscow, Moscow and Tula regions, as well as by contacting veterinary control offices.

Payment for transportation of animals

Transportation of animals/birds is not included in free baggage allowance and is charged as non-standard luggage. Fees for animals/birds carried in the same container are payable separately for each animal/bird.

Only guide dogs accompanying their owners during the flight are transported free of charge.

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